Master of Arts in Education

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The Master of Arts in Education program offers an advanced degree in art education structured to build a community of collegial professionals who demonstrate disciplinary expertise including knowledge of the content of art education, skill with sound pedagogical strategies, understanding of current scholarship and issues within the field, and the ability to positively impact student learning. Special emphasis is placed on the teaching of diverse learners in urban/metropolitan settings.

Specific objectives for students completing the MAEd program include:

  • Expanding their skills and understandings in studio art production and contemporary art concepts;
  • Developing their pedagogical skills and strategies as master teachers;
  • Empowering them to integrate current theory and best practices in their classrooms;
  • Fostering their critical thinking skills and life-long learning as members of a professional community;
  • Developing their leadership and advocacy skills to have an impact on students, classrooms, communities, schools, districts, and professional organizations.

Student Profile
Students who are admitted to the MAEd program at Georgia State University are competent artists with a broad range of skills and depth in one medium. They are effective communicators with highly developed oral and written language skills. Students in this program may be artists who have worked in the community, experienced art teachers, or recent art graduates. Students must have a strong portfolio and documented potential to succeed in an academic setting including a B average or better.

Program Description
The art education program is designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice, helping students develop instructional skills appropriate for a broad range of ages and abilities. The program reflects a professional art school’s commitment to mastery of art content.

The MAEd program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

The College of Arts and Sciences will continue to manage the graduate admission process for the new College of the Arts through the Fall 2017 cycle. Please follow the instructions in the link below to complete your application through the College of Arts and Sciences.

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