Nida Abdullah Lecturer
Andrew Adamson Graduate Assistant
Buffi Aguero Part-Time Instructor
Stan Anderson Retired
Flora Anthony Lecturer, Visiting
Darien Arikoski-Johnson Assistant Professor
Aaron Artrip Graduate Teaching Assistant, DPP
Make Baker Part-Time Instructor
Tyler Beard Part-Time Instructor
Nicole Benner Limited Term Faculty
Jeff Boortz Professor of Practice, Graphic Design
Paul Boshears Part-Time Instructor
Carrie Brown Part-Time Instructor
Jessica Caldas Graduate Assistant
Joe Camoosa Part-Time Instructor
Amelia Carley Graduate Assistant
Tyler Cieplowski Graduate Assistant
Kimberly Cleveland Associate Professor
Hope Cohn Part-Time Instructor
Kelli Couch Graduate Assistant
Ryan Crooks Associate Professor
Katherine Cunningham Lecturer
Melanie Davenport Associate Professor
John Decker Associate Professor
Craig Dongoski Professor
William Downs Lecturer
Anthony Craig Drennen Associate Professor
Jennifer Dudley Part-Time Instructor
Ruth Dusseault Part-Time Instructor
Ann England Learning Services Coordinator / Visual Resource Center
Cynthia Farnell Gallery Director and Senior Academic Professional
Derek Faust Shop Technician
Michelle Florence Graduate Assistant
Timothy Flowers Lecturer, Senior
Nancy Floyd Professor
Larkin Ford Part-Time Instructor
Jill Frank Assistant Professor
Meta Gary Lecturer
Shanequa Gay Graduate Assistant
Ralph Gilbert Professor
Maria Gindhart Associate Professor
Bojana Ginn Part-Time Instructor
Adrienne Gonzalez Business Mgr III
Candice Greathouse Part-Time Instructor
Doug Grimmett Part-Time Instructor
Jordan Gum Part-Time Instructor
Glenn Gunhouse Lecturer, Senior
Wesley Harvey Lecturer
Dawn Haynie Assistant Professor
Rebecca Howard Limited Term Faculty
Kevin Hsieh Associate Professor ,
Jess Jones Assistant Professor
Annika Kappenstein Part-Time Instructor
Dave King Part-Time Instructor
Stephanie Kolply Lecturer
Karl Kroeppler Part-Time Instructor
Karl Kroeppler Part-Time Instructor
Jac Kuntz Public Relations Coordinator
Michelle Laxalt Part-Time Instructor
Nuni Lee Graduate Assistant
Ben Lee Part-Time Instructor
Travis Lindquist Graduate Assistant
Pamela Longobardi Distinguished University Professor / Professor of Art - Drawing, Painting, Printmaking
Tony Mangle Public Relations
Atena Masoudi Graduate Assistant
Tamara McElhannon Part-Time Instructor
Joshua McFadden Part-Time Instructor
Melody Milbrandt Professor
Jiha Moon Part-Time Instructor
Maria Ojeda Graduate Assistant
Maryam Palizgir Graduate Assistant
Joanne Paschall Part-Time Instructor
Fahamu Pecou Part-Time Instructor
Joseph Peragine Professor
Lauren Peterson Part-Time Instructor
Neill Prewitt Lecturer
John Prince Part-Time Instructor
Aaron Putt Graduate Assistant
Susan Richmond Associate Professor
Matthew Rinehart Part-Time Instructor
John Roberts Lecturer, Visiting
Jennifer Siegler Lecturer
Jason Snape Lecturer
Ruth Stanford Associate Professor
Matthew Sugarman Professor
Kirstie Tepper Graduate Assistant
Wesley Terpstra Lecturer, Visiting
Constance Thalken Associate Professor
Elizabeth Throop Associate Professor
Catherine Trugman Limited Term Faculty
Adam Wagner Studio Art Technician
Frankie Ware Part-Time Instructor
Phillip Webb Creative Media Center Manager
Christina West Associate Professor
Michael White Art & Design, Director and Associate Professor
Michael Wsol Assistant Professor
Torie Zoph Administrative Coordinator