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Dawn Haynie

Assistant Professor    Interior Design    

With degrees focused in Architecture, History, and Urban Design, extensive professional practice in Interior Design, and applicable yet theoretical research across all of these areas, Dawn Haynie offers a truly unique perspective and a multi-disciplinary approach to design. For the past 20 years, she has skillfully applied her professional knowledge in both practice and academia. Professionally, she has managed multiple teams working on projects that are new as well as repositioned and across different market sectors from corporate to healthcare to hospitality. In teaching studio, she has challenged her students to be critical, creative, collaborative, responsible, and multi-disciplinary, such that they are more adept to providing value and working collaboratively within an integrated team of professional practitioners. In her most recent research, she has sought to challenge presumptive boundaries in the perceptions of the public realm and pursued theoretical questions to mathematically define the varying types of structures found within the American city, which has resulted in presentations and published work in both national and international, referred conferences. All of these experiences have informed her distinctive, comprehensive design philosophy, which is one that bridges the scales of urban design with interior design as mediated through the architecture that defines the boundary for both. Her work, in its entirety, seeks to create greater congruency and enhance the spatial experience across not only disciplines, but more importantly, across scales.

Educational background

Ph. D. Architecture, Culture & Society, College of Architecture
Georgia Institute of Technology

M. S. History, Theory & Criticism of Architecture & Urban Design, College of Architecture
Georgia Institute of Technology

B. Arch. College of Architecture
Auburn University