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Jason Snape

Lecturer    Graphic Design    

I am never bored
I draw and write
read and photograph
look and design and explore
I wanted to be an Architect
so I learned about lumber
so I learned to build houses
I failed to learn the Calculus
I failed to learn the Physics
I would not be an Architect
I kept drawing
I looked into English
I looked into History
I stumbled across Design
it combined all of them
it yanked me up
opened my eyes
astonished me.
I still shake my head
at how things work out
and I keep drawing.

I received my BA in Environmental Design from SUNY Buffalo in 1991, and my MFA in Graphic Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1993. I worked in large and small design firms in and around Atlanta for nine years until 2002, when my son was born and I left work to focus on raising him, and later, my daughter. This experience profoundly informed and stimulated my creative work, and led me into teaching. At Kennesaw State University, I taught Illustration, Typography, and Computer Applications. I taught Intermediate Typography at the Art Institute of Atlanta. I have been at Georgia State University since 2011, and teach Introduction to Typography, Introduction to Graphic Design, Intermediate Graphic Design, Illustration, Design in Popular Culture, and Collateral Print Applications.

As a Lecturer, I am focused on teaching. I assist and guide the graphic design graduate instructors; together we teach introductory and intermediate graphic design classes. I emphasize process (widely conducted explorations, experimentations, and research), concept (seeking, finding, and applying a synthesis of content and form), and evaluation (reviewing both the reasoning behind design decisions, and how well the design solves the problem). I also introduce aspects of my own current design projects to my classes in order to provide context – demonstrating that what the students are doing in class relates to my own journey through a client’s needs, requests, and solution.

I am a generalist, interested and compelled by almost any subject, and am continually fascinated by the threads of commonality that can be discovered between seemingly disparate topics. This evolved out of the Bauhaus-like, cross-disciplinary thinking of my undergraduate degree. I enjoy working with people from other disciplines, and believe that this vastly enriches my perspectives on both my work and on my teaching, and helps others see design as a process and service rather than a product.

I am currently at work on designing teaching modules for elementary school Target students, an organized crime board game, and technical illustrations and informational graphics for Georgia State University’s Department of Neuroscience.