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Jason Snape

Lecturer    Graphic Design    

I received my BA in Environmental Design from SUNY Buffalo, and my MFA in Graphic Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology. I moved to Atlanta to work at an architecture, interior design, and graphic design firm, then worked in large and small design firms in and around Atlanta (including InfoGraphix, Levy Design, Z Design, Nucleus Medical Art, Sage, and iXL) for next nine years. When my son was born, I concluded my contract with Turner Sports Interactive to focus on raising him, and later, my daughter. This experience profoundly informed and stimulated my creative work, and led me into illustration and teaching. Besides Georgia State University, I have taught typography and illustration at Kennesaw State University and The Art Institute of Atlanta. Due to my original interest in architecture, illustration, and environmental design, my focus is not just on 2d graphic design solutions, but on problem solving. I am interested in the forms that evolve from the content, the process of concept development, and the design of teaching. My guidance of Graduate Teaching Assistants, collaborations with primary education teachers, and involvement with the SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) have all provided valuable perspectives on learning that feed back into my own work.