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John Decker

Associate Professor    Art History    

PhD University of California, Santa Barbara, 2004
MA University of California, Santa Barbara, 1999


Northern European Art of the 15th and 16th Centuries
Early Modern Devotional Theory and Devotional Practice
Ritual Behavior


Scholarly Interests

Doctor Decker’s research primarily focuses on the formation of identity from the late fourteenth through the mid sixteenth centuries. In his explorations, Decker favors a social interactionist approach to identity formation, which considers identity not in terms of a singular self but in terms of multiple selves. These various selves are created by and for a constantly shifting array of social interchanges. Often, these exchanges require or involve material or visual culture. His work strives to understand the part that images and objects played in the processes of building personae in these periods. In particular, he investigates the role of images and objects in religious practices in Early Modern Northern Europe. He is interested in the ways that those who commissioned, produced, and viewed religious images and objects often used them to generate, sustain, and negotiate various religious, personal, and public identities. To that end, he is interested in all manner of religious behavior including personal piety, monastic/conventual life, and public rites such as feast days and pilgrimages. In addition to his work on religious subjects, Doctor Decker is also interested in the ways that secular images were used in the creation of political, commercial, and regional/proto-national identities.



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Edited Volumes

Death, Torture, and the Broken Body in European Art, 1300 – 1650. Series Title: Visual Culture in Early Modernity (Burlington, VT: Ashgate Press, 2015).


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Museum/Exhibition Reviews

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