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Wesley Terpstra

Lecturer, Visiting    Drawing, Painting and Printmaking    

Wesley Terpstra, an artist working primarily in paint, primarily draws inspiration from what he terms “the spectrum of observed abstraction”. This ranges from specific representational works referencing color-field painting to non-representational works grounded in material process. This pursuit of genuine interest throughout the range of realism and abstraction is demonstrated in methods which range from working with found material and painterly abstraction to trompe l’oeil depictions, and realist still-life painting. By exhibiting a wide breadth of subject and material, he strives to highlight the constant element amidst the differences — the continuity within the rupture.

Terpstra has been the recipient of several awards, including the Outstanding Achievement in Painting Award from the Savannah College of Art and Design, the Ernest G. Welch Scholarship, The Dean’s Art Award of Georgia State University, and the Kathleen G. Williams Award of Excellence. Recent showings of his work include The Future is Now at Kai Lin Art and Sprawl! at the High Museum.