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The Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design is committed to providing a well-rounded and challenging educational experience in the visual arts. Under the direction of accomplished artists and scholars, students are able to pursue their goals in: Art Education, Art History, Drawing, Painting and Printmaking, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Photography, Textiles and 3D Studies (Ceramics and Sculpture).

All of our programs share the common objectives of engaging, stimulating and equipping our students to become articulate and critically aware artists, educators, designers and scholars. Through work in a variety of media, the curriculum is structured to provide a rich and professional experience in the visual arts with access to the resources of a large, urban university. This combination enables students to graduate from our degree programs with the variety of skills necessary to pursue graduate study or a career in the arts.

B.F.A.: Studio

    • B.F.A.: Studio, is a professional degree with rigorous classes preparing students for professional careers as artists and for entry into the MFA graduate programs. Studio concentrations require a portfolio review for admission to the discipline. Each area of concentration requires specific course work on both the introductory and the advanced level prior to applying for the B.F.A.

  • B.F.A. Application to Discipline
  • B.F.A. Portfolio Review Instructions

B.F.A.: Art Education

  • B.F.A.: Art Education, requires a portfolio review, a passing score on GACE I and a minimum grade point average for admission to the Art Education program. The area of concentration requires specific course work on both the introductory and the advanced level prior to applying for the B.F.A.

B.A.:  Art, Concentration Studio

  • B.A. Art: Concentration Studio, requires specific coursework at the introductory level and a range of studio experiences in upper level coursework.

B.A.: Art, Concentration Art History

  • B.A.: Art, Concentration Art History offers a breadth of experience in both western and non-western traditions. Courses at the 1000 level stress the fundamental aspects of visual formulation and articulation. Courses numbered 3000 through 4950 offer increasingly intensive study leading to greater specialization in one or more of the visual arts disciplines.

Art & Design Two-Year Projected Course Schedule:
To gain admission into the B.F.A. program, students must submit an application.

Undergraduate Advisor
Adam Wagner
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