Two BFA Photo Undergrads Garner Attention From Atlanta Art Media

Posted On April 13, 2016
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Within a span of two weeks, Atlanta’s leading arts media spotlighted two budding BFA photographers Davion Alston in Burnaway and Gently Used (a.k.a Blair LeBlanc) in ArtsATL.  Both received feature profiles that delved into each one’s subject matter, sensitivity, as well as their creative and technical practices behind the lens.


Virtual Queerness / Queering the Virtual: A Conversation with Gently Used

Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man (I Am A God), metallic print. Image courtesy the artist.

Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man (I Am A God), metallic print. Image courtesy the artist.

Gently Used is an intriguing up-and-coming artist in Atlanta. Currently completing a BFA in photography at Georgia State University, they’ve gained some recent recognition including being named one of the top Souther ALT artists to watch by Wussy Magazine. Gently’s work engages the virtual space of the internet and mobile phone apps as a critical practice. There’s something extremely funny — and hard to pin down — about Gently’s work. The work entices the viewer while simultaneously denying access to a backstage. This may have something to do with the flatness of the image, its existence on the screen and its virtual life. More.

Gently Used Website

Feature: Davion Alston’s Got Something to Say

Davion Alston, photographed by Jovanna Jones.

Davion Alston, photographed by Jovanna Jones.

I entered into emerging artist Davion Alston’s downtown apartment to a flurry of movement. For a second, I thought I was late to the party. The coffee table had been moved to make floor space for 20 or so 11-by-13-inch photos of paper bags, Skittles, and various objects pertaining to Alston’s most recent thoughts on colorism and police violence. I was just beginning to make out the contents of a large black glossy print when Davion offered me strawberries, kiwi, oranges, and watermelon. “Aloe juice?” he asked as I set up shop at his kitchen table. More.

Davion Alston Website

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