Shelby Bock, Interns with IMAX in London

Posted On June 28, 2017
Our students have been writing back to us as they study and work abroad––and we are excited to share it with you. Shelby Bock, graduate assistant for the Welch Galleries, has a summer internship in London with IMAX. Through her internship, she’s done marketing for films like “Wonder Woman,” “Transformers 5,” “Baby Driver,” Marvel’s “Inhumans,” and more. Here is what she wrote back to us about her experience:
“London is an amazingly diverse and friendly city, which has been evidenced as I watch firsthand their resilience and humanity in light of the many recent tragedies. Seeing the amazing similarities and yet stark contrast to the U.S. in everything, from grocery stores to politics, has been really eye-opening. London’s people have made me feel at home and I’ve gotten to see some great landmarks, from the Tate Modern, to the London Eye, to the traditional pubs, unique street markets, and beautiful parks that can be found in every borough. Throughout my next 2 months I’ll be taking trips to other European cities like Paris and Venice, but I’ve already had the chance to take a few weekend getaways–to Dover and its white cliffs, as well as Amsterdam which has some of the best museums I’ve seen yet!”
More about her trips, experience, and work with IMAX can be found on her travel blog where she posts weekly:
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