“Pulp Reality” at Notch8, Co-curated by Jack Michael

Posted On March 2, 2018

“Pulp Reality,” a group exhibition of works on paper at Notch8 Gallery, opens March 3. NOTCH8 Gallery is an alternate art space located in Historic South Atlanta neighborhood. MFA Jack Michael, known for Lucky Hand Press, has co-curated the exhibition. It features work by GSU students, faculty, and alumni including Stephanie Kolpy, Mattthew Sugarman, Jack Michael, Aaron Putt, Serigio Suarez, Jessica Caldas, Erin Basset (and former GSU students Brain Sosbee, Lela Brunet, and Jasmine Nicole Williams). Below are images and bios released by the gallery. The opening reception is March 3, 7-11pm and the exhibition runs through March 25.



Matthew Lamoureux Sugarman has served as the Printmaking Area Director at Georgia State University, Atlanta since 1997. Professor Sugarman received a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Art from Montana State University, Bozeman. He has presented more than twenty solo art exhibitions, and received over two-dozen awards for his artwork. Also notable are his inclusions in the art collections of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC and the Beijing Natural Culture Center in the Peoples Republic of China.

“The works I have submitted for the Pulp Reality Exhibition are inspired by an early love for the compositional complexity and allegorical depth, found within the works of artists from earlier eras.”


is a contemporary artist and printmaker originally born in Mexico City. He moved to Atlanta where he attends GSU pursuing a BFA degree in Drawing Painting and Printmaking.
“My work uses different types of mark making in woodcutting to create altered landscapes where figures exist in a contemplative space. The perpetual state of contemplation is then both indicative of our relationship with memory and the past, as well as indicative of our relation to the distant and the immediate”
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“My art practice is centered around experiences of extended travel and investigations into the intersection between culture and its material manifestations. Combining elements of sculpture, painting, drawing and installation, my work adopts a hybrid form, probing themes of utopian architecture, aesthetic transcendence and personal salvation. I am currently a Master of Fine Arts and Master of Art History candidate at the Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design at Georgia State University.”
IG: @aaronkaganputt


“I make work about systems of power and the power of systems. I grew up in that woods before the Internet came along. Lots of things are better now, but people have become so damn servile and domesticated. I hope my work helps people remember that they are still wild and curious underneath their reliance on modern systems.”
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Stephanie Elaine Kolpy is best known for her Natural Disaster series of large-scale symbolic landscape paintings and mixed media monoprints. Ms. Kolpy’s work, presents visual interpretations of apocalyptic mythoi—past, present, and future. The current body of work draws apocalyptic visual parallels between issues of mass migration and the rising tides due to climate change.
W: Stephaniekolpy.com


JESSICA CALDAS “I am an Atlanta bred and based artist, advocate, and activist. My work is about people, their stories, and the ways their stories connect to the world at large. While deeply personal and unique, most people’s stories also reflect a common experience. I believe recognizing that is a kind of empathy that creates space for learning and healing.” IG: @zinkaproject E: [email protected]