Printmakers and Chemists at the Atlanta Science Festival

Each year, the students of the Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design collaborate with and participate in the city-wide, Atlanta Science Festival. This year was no exception. With its over 100 events each year and collaborations with 100-plus community partners, including schools , universities, museums, businesses, civic, and community groups, Georgia State is glad to be a part of the two-week fair.
This year, the Welch printmaking and drawing students have an exhibition at Focus Gallery.  Under the leadership and with the curatorial vision of printmaking faculty, Stephanie Kolpy, eleven students paired up with seventeen chemistry students to create work inspired by the concept of “reaction.”
This body of work is featured at Fusion Gallery as an Atlanta Science Festival event and has been archived in a printed & digital catalogue which can be read or purchased here.
From BFA Assistant Curator and project collaborator, Bailey Seeley:
“From this prompt a multitude of ideas and conversations have occurred, and from these discussions, compositions have come to fruition. The artworks created address issues such as global warming, carcinogens, mental illness, heartbreak, and the evolution of knowledge. What we’ve created for this project exemplifies the vital importance of collaboration and the sharing of information between separate disciplines. Therefore, it could be argued that if our goal as a society is to create a healthier and happier world for future generations, and ourselves then we must combine aspects of the creative process and the scientific method.”
From Printmaking Faculty and Exhibition Curator, Stephanie Kolpy:

“The grandfather of modern art, Joseph Beuys, believed that all beings are creative thinkers and that the education of the artist is the education of the entire being. To dissolve the boundaries between the arts and sciences, is to acknowledge the parallels between the creative process and the scientific method; they both search for solutions and answers to the worlds more difficult questions. Interdisciplinary collaboration has the greatest potential in not only resolving the problems, but in raising awareness to a broader audience of potential participants.”

“Art Meets Science: REACTION/ An Interdisciplinary Collaboration” opens March 17 with viewing hours between 9:30am-2:30pm at the Petit Science Center of Georgia State.