Textiles BFA takes on NYC Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is the country’s premiere showcase of trending styles, ideas, and modes of dress. It takes place twice a year–in the spring and fall–but take a year’s worth of preparation and vision. Those involved pull out all of the stops for the international fashion community that comes to critique, learn, and look on in awe at cutting edge developments in high fashion.  It is a rare opportunity to attend one of the events or their famed catwalks, let alone be working behind the scenes at one—but that is exactly what BFA Felistas Mhute got to do.

Mhute, a fourth-year BFA concentrating in textile,  took an intensive, virtual class with her sights on NYFW. The course required her to practice and film different texture manipulating and styling techniques on hair. After critiques and evaluations, she graduated the class and was welcomed on the Jon Reman team for the February New York Fashion Week, working with models’ final looks and hairstyles.

We asked her to tell us a bit about her experience and how her work with hair has informed her practice, based in textile work: “As a textiles artist and hair designer the manipulation of fabric and hair has many parallel thought processes one inspires the other and vice versa. As a student making sure that both my passions merge together is my priority. My vision for the future is to be able to become part of a creative collective that produces conceptual shows that consider every contributing artist.”

Needless to say, she enjoyed her week there and we are excited to see how this rare, cosmopolitan, and glamorous experience will inform her work here at the Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design.