Textiles MFA Soude Dadras brings Exhibition to Istanbul, Turkey

Posted On February 12, 2019
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This past December, first year textiles MFA, Soude Dadras, was sponsored by the Urmia Landart Company to curate an exhibition that would travel Istanbul, Turkey. The exhibition, “Ongoing conversation- Devam Eden Konuşma,” showcased textile work by current students and faculty from the Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design: Jess Jones, Nicole Benner, Carla Powel, Soude Dadras, and Amanda Whitaker. The show exhibited at three galleries over the course of a month: Istanbul University, The city of Istanbul, ŞİŞLİ Municipality, and Ticaret University.

Dadras used the opportunity to share her experience in the Welch program. Her curatorial vision for the exhibition aimed to demonstrate the multidisciplinary nature of work from faculty and students of the Art & Design Textile program. She hoped the work would spark conversation with the students, university professors, textile experts, and the Turkish public about technique, message, and interdisciplinary practice while celebrating a trans-global exchange of influence within the field of textiles.

Dadras joined the graduate program at Georgia State University with an impressive background in the study and history of Persian Rugs and Textile Art History. The Iranian native has a degree in graphic design, a certificate in photography, and a BFA in Persian Rugs from  Islamic Azad University. She has also been a visiting scholar at the Carnegie Museum of Art, teaching textile workshops and lectures, a Persian Carpet & Kilim Appraiser, and an Antique Carpet Restoration Specialist. This is not her first curatorial experience, she has curated three other exhibitions in Kyoto, Japan, featuring Iranian artist and traditional arts. Her work at Georgia State is interdisciplinary, threading together her previous cultural influences and Persian rug expertise with contemporary design and found materials.