BFA & MFA Included in City Hall Pride Month Exhibition, Curated by Mayor Keyshia Lance Bottoms

On June, an exhibition celebrating LGBTQ artists in Atlanta opened art City Hall. The works were selected by the Maorial Office of Mayor Keyshia Lance Bottoms to honor the 50th Anniversary of the Uprising at the Stonewall Inn and National Pride Month. Included in the exhibition are two Welch students: BFA Jackson Markovic and MFA Andrew Lyman.

Jackson Markovic is an artist and educator based in Atlanta Georgia.His primary mediums include quilting, sculpting, and photography. His practice consists of capturing fragments of the world through found objects and photographs in creating expressionist visions of the world he inhabits. Markovic currently is a teaching artist at the High Museum of Art and a BFA candidate at Georgia State University.

Andrew Lyman is an Atlanta Native who is currently pursuing his MFA in Photography. Lyman is heavily involved in the intersectional Queer artist community in Atlanta. He is most well-known for his portraits and lens-based work which is usually alongside poetry and sculptural installation. He  has exhibited in locally in Atlanta and Savannah and also internationally in Paris, Berlin, And Seoul. Lyman earnestly believes in the self-representation and visibility of Atlanta’s diverse queer community within a global dialogue, picturing and expanding the definition of what it means to be Queer in the South and specifically in Atlanta.