Design M.F.A.s Valentina Caver and Nathalia Santos Lead the Way on a Downtown Residential Wayfinding Project

Posted On April 21, 2020
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The ease of a building navigation and the feel its environment provides is integral to our user experience and efficiency. While most people reap the benefits of this kind of design, we have become to accustomed to its presence, we often don’t think about who designed it and how the project started.
In fall of 2019, the owner of The Mix, a complex of student residence halls downtown, managed by Alpha Management Partners, reached out to the graduate program at the Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design for a create overhaul of its wayfinding.
Drawing and Painting faculty Tim Flowers and Interior Design facult yS. Dawn Haynie, Ph.D., brought together a team of  Georgia State students for the project including Graphic Design M.F.A. Valentina Caver and Interior Design M.F.A. Nathalia Santos.
The team curated a selection of artists for murals, visited the building while it was still under constructions, collected measurements for the selected artwork, and then created a layout of each floor using those measurements.  The team brought on board Photography M.F.A. Parker Thornton to take high resolution photos and then Caver created the wayfiding for each floor before the wallpapered murals of work by Travis C Lindquist, Valentina Caver, and Hannah Stettner were installed. The end results were phenomenal and will be an ever-precent part of student residents’ lives.