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Textiles MFA Soude Dadras brings Exhibition to Istanbul, Turkey

Posted On February 12, 2019
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This past December, first year textiles MFA, Soude Dadras, was sponsored by the Urmia Landart Company to curate an exhibition that would travel Istanbul, Turkey. The exhibition, “Ongoing conversation- Devam Eden Konuşma,” showcased textile work by current students and faculty from the Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design: Jess Jones, Nicole Benner, Carla Powel, Soude Dadras, and Amanda Whitaker.… more »

Alumnus Wihro Kim interviewed in BURNAWAY

“Wihro’s dulcet dreamscapes are fanciful in the way the best wandering thoughts are—close to reality, but warmer, softer, gentler, better. His paintings hover between vague reflection and a complete image capture: move your eyes away too fast, and the person in the painting disappears from view, or fades, or newly appears, an outline shimmering against… more »