Hathaway Gallery Exhibition Curated by Craig Drennen Reviewed in AJC

Posted On July 12, 2019

“The jumping off point for the group show that Atlanta artist and Georgia State University instructor Craig Drennen has curated at Westside’s Hathaway Gallery is a strange 1978 footnote in American musical history.”

“In black-and-white footage on a small television on the Hathaway gallery floor, the seminal punk band, the Cramps, performs for an audience… more »

MFA Jessica Caldas in ArtsATL for Work with Living Melody Collective

“Living Melody Collective includes five female-identifying Atlanta artists — Angela Bortone, Jessica Caldas, Danielle Deadwyler, Haylee Anne and Angela Davis Johnson. Four are artist-mothers; one is an artist cat-mom. They bring their kids to work when they can so the kids can see mom being creative.”

“The collective uses photography, dance, printmaking, painting, music and… more »

Alumna Maryam Palizgir Commissioned to do Set & Textile Work at 7 Stages

Posted On February 9, 2019

Recent textiles MFA alumna, Maryam Palizgir was invited to collaborate with a production at 7 Stages for the American Premiere theater of “My Own Secret Bubble: A Prison.” The show was originally performed at Taffelhalle Theater in Nuremberg, Germany and is about a group of young individuals who plan to seek residence on another planet,… more »

Alumnus Wihro Kim interviewed in BURNAWAY

“Wihro’s dulcet dreamscapes are fanciful in the way the best wandering thoughts are—close to reality, but warmer, softer, gentler, better. His paintings hover between vague reflection and a complete image capture: move your eyes away too fast, and the person in the painting disappears from view, or fades, or newly appears, an outline shimmering against… more »

Art Over Dinner Serebe features MFA Jack Michael

Posted On February 1, 2019
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Jack Michael is a trash man’s daughter and an instructor at Georgia State University. Her work in painting, textiles, sculpture, and printmaking explores trash, consumer culture, labor, and  sustainability from an ecofeminist perspective. Through acts of mending, weaving, and  ornamentation, she investigates the human domestication of wild environments and the industrial  domestication of humans. When… more »

Escaping the Archivist’s Folly: A Review of Jeremy Bolen in New City

Camille Henrot’s 2013 video piece “Grosse Fatigue” brings the weight of encyclopedic knowledge of human experience and demonstrates how the ever-increasing accessibility of information can overwhelm to the point of paralysis. Henrot suggests that those given the choice to do anything will simply do nothing. This meditation on the current mediascape and twenty-first-century image… more »