The Ernest G. Welch Art Loan Program

The Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design is proud to offer its private collection of art as well as its curatorial and installation services to the various Georgia State departments and community at large. Our collection is comprised of work by alumni, faculty, and former colleagues. The mediums represented range from prints and paintings to three-dimensional sculptural and textiles works.

Rental of art work, insurance, and installation services will cost the receiving department or individual a nominal fee. Please see Schedule of Fees for approximate costs and a detailed quote can be provided once artwork is chosen. Funds received from the Art Loan Program will go directly to caring for the work and towards the acquisition of more works by current students and alumni, inevitably furthering their artistic careers. The Art Loan collection is cared for and installed by BFA students as a part of a curriculum that aims to provide real-world experience in art handling and curation. Thank you for your support of the arts!

To see availabilities and to select from our catalogue of work, visit our Art Cloud gallery.

For more information about terms and conditions or to apply, please read and submit our Art Loan Contract.

For any questions or to contact, please email To outfit an entire suite or to receive a curatorial consultation, please reach out to and we will be happy to assist.


Art Loan Gallery  Art Loan Contract