Graduate Portfolio Submission Guidelines


Statement of Purpose
A one-to-two-page statement of purpose describing current academic interests, proposed area of specialization, and long-range career goals. The statement should also explain how the graduate program at Georgia State will serve those interests and goals.

A successful portfolio demonstrates creativity and commitment in a cohesive body of work. Admissions portfolios may include still images; film/video projects; musical performances/compositions; videos of acting/dance/performance.  Portfolio may include one of the following:

Still image submissions

  • Identify all materials with name and area of study. Include 20 images in either JPEG format (150 DPI, 1500 pixels on greatest dimension) or compiled into PDF or Powerpoint.
  • A list with the titles of the work, dates, media and dimensions, along with name and area of study.

Moving image/sound submissions

    • Identify all materials with name and area of study. Include no more than 6 minutes of audio-visual material.
    • Work must be accompanied by a list with the title of the work, date, full running time, and the student’s role (e.g., director, actor, etc.) in each work.
    • If an applicant wishes to include a mixture of stills, sound, written or moving images, then the materials should be divided evenly.
    • Do not send additional work. If more materials are included than requested, the committee will only view the first 20 images or first 6 minutes.  Submitting additional work is looked upon unfavorably by the committee.

Application deadlines for MFA Studio and MA Art History is February 1, 2019. 
Application deadline for MAEd is April 1, 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Wes Harvey
Graduate Coordinator
Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design
Georgia State University
10 Peachtree Center Ave., Room 124 Art & Humanities Bldg.
Atlanta, GA 30303


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