M.A. in Art History

The graduate Art History program in the Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design at Georgia State University emphasizes the study of visual art in relation to the historical and cultural contexts in which it was created. Students receive training in different time periods and geographical areas of art history, while also gaining depth of knowledge in a particular specialization. The M.A. is a two-year degree program with both thesis and non-thesis tracks. Coursework takes the form of mixed-level lecture classes, graduate-only seminars including Methodology and Historiography of Art, and electives in subjects outside of art history. The program is open to students with undergraduate degrees in art history as well as those with degrees in other fields who have completed upper-level coursework in art history, and provides a foundation for individuals who wish to pursue careers in museums and galleries, as well as undertake doctoral studies.

The graduate Art History program at GSU features established faculty with active publishing and research profiles. Students normally focus on one of the following areas: Early Modern (Renaissance) Art, Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century European Art, Modern and Contemporary American and European Art, or Contemporary African Art, and work closely with a faculty mentor when developing a thesis. As such, interested individuals are encouraged to make contact with the appropriate faculty member prior to applying. Highlights of the program include its urban setting, interface with local arts organizations and museums, the Art History Graduate Forum, an annual student-run visual culture symposium, assistantships, and funding to present at conferences and symposia elsewhere. Many of the program’s diverse course offerings emphasize one or more of the following themes: gender, race, identity, the body, and cities.

Art History Faculty

Kimberly Cleveland | Associate Professor
Specialty: Art of Africa and the African Diaspora

Maria Gindhart | Associate Professor
Specialty: 19th century French art; intersections of
art and science

Grace Harpster | Assistant Professor
Specialty: Early modern Italian art; Southern Europe and the Catholic missions

Susan Richmond | Associate Professor
Specialty: Modern and contemporary art of Europe
and the U.S.; feminist art and theories

Glenn Gunhouse | Principal Senior Lecturer
Specialty: Medieval art

Jennifer Siegler | Lecturer
Specialty: Pre-Columbian Art

Program Benefits

Many graduate research assistantships available with stipend
and tuition waivers

Thesis and non-thesis tracks

Annual graduate student conference with a national profile

Local network of alumni working in the arts

Vibrant urban setting with internship options in local
galleries and arts organizations
Recent graduate seminar topics

African Body Arts
African Photography: 1950s to present
Ritual and Spectacle in the Early Modern World
Images of Torture in Early Modern Europe
Rococo and Its Revivals
Animals and Visual Culture
High/Low Modernism
The Long Decade of the 1960s

Art History MA Thesis Guidelines

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