2016 MFA Thesis Exhibition Highlights

Congratulations to the 3rd Year MFA Graduate Candidates for a great series of thesis exhibitions. The installations crossed the media spectrum ranging from painting and photography to sculpture and interior design, as well as performance art.  Several showcased high impact wall installations, while others veered toward the conceptual inviting viewers to engage in thoughtful intervention.  This year’s MFA artists included Trevor Reese (Sculpture), Tori Tinsley (Drawing, Painting & Printmaking), Derek Faust (Sculpture), Nathan Sharratt (Sculpture), Tyler Nicholson (Ceramics), Gina Thompson (Sculpture), Welch Fellow Jack Deese (Photography), Krista Clark (Drawing, Painting and Printmaking), and Catherine Wright Trugman (Interior Design).

Here are image highlights of the shows (Photo Credit: T. Mangle):

Trevor Reese: “Only the lull I like, the hum of your valved voice”- March 7-11

Trevor Reese
IMG_4239 web large
IMG_4258 web large

Tori Tinsley: Double Distance, March 21-25

tori show web large

Nathan Sharratt: Buy Nathan Sharratt: A Requirement of the Masters of Fine Arts Degree of Georgia State University, March 21-25

FullSizeRender (007) web large

Derek Faust, Incongruent Ilk, March 21-25

IMG_5113 web large
IMG_5116 web large
IMG_5108 web large

Gina Thompson: Dysfunctional, March 28 – April 1

IMG_6015 Web Large
IMG_5788 web large
IMG_5771 web large
IMG_5768 Web Large
IMG_5752 web large
IMG_5826 web large
IMG_5778 web large

Tyler Nicholson: Embrace the Suck, March 28 – April

IMG_5986 Web Large
IMG_5724 web large
IMG_5685 Web Large
IMG_5680 web large
IMG_5738 web large
IMG_5682 web large

Krista Clark, Residual Residence, April 4-8

12794609_981335481953955_3289645088516662997_n krista 2
IMG_6779 2
IMG_6782 Web Large

Jack Deese, How to Orient Yourself in the Wilderness, April 4-8

IMG_6562 web large 2
IMG_6489 web large
IMG_6486 web large
IMG_6602 web large
IMG_6599 web large
IMG_6792 web large

Catherine Wright Trugman: #Community, April 4-8