Textiles – Master of Fine Arts in Studio

The Textiles graduate program fosters textile art as an academic, artistic, and professional endeavor. It is multifaceted, combining traditional handwork with digital and industrial technology output, to develop a professional artist’s portfolio for exhibitions as well as professional practices in the field of Textile Design. The program’s mission is the professional education of the artist and designer in the field of contemporary textiles interfacing work with industrial textile design.

Course Curriculum The Textiles graduate curriculum encompasses the broad possibilities of textile making with a fine art focus. The individualized, research based, graduate textile courses emphasize an experiential, technological, intellectual, conceptual, aesthetic, and qualitative investigation. Areas of study include textile design, mix-media three-dimensional fiber, textile history, textile conservation, industrial and digital technology- interfaced output. Students are encouraged to develop multi-media and inter-disciplinary approaches, and take electives in other disciplines.

A major emphasis in the Textiles graduate program is the development of each student’s individual potential. To that end the program fosters a work ethic of integrity, commitment, and innovation. Students are encouraged and supported as they pursue creative approaches to broaden their experience as a professional textile specialist and fine artist.

The Textiles graduate program provides full tuition waiver and research stipend to all accepted students. The first year graduate student is assigned duties as a GLA to oversee studio maintenance and takes on teaching duties as a GTA during the last year of study.





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