Minors in Art History and Art

The Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design has made it easy to access the courses to complete an 18 credit minor in Art or Art History.

Art History

18 credits
AH 1700, AH 1750 and AH 1850
3 more AH courses at the 4000 level

Studio Art Minor

18 credits
Two 1000 level Studio Art courses
(Art 1010, Art 1020, Art 1030, Art 1050)
One 1000 level Art History Survey
Two 3/4000 level Studio Art courses
one 4000 level Art History course

Because the studio minor is driven by prerequisite coursework, the two 1000 level Art studio courses should be chosen towards your focus. ART 1010 and ART 1020 are used primarily for 2-D Art making (Think Drawing, Photo, and Design) ART 1030 and Art 1050 are in line with 3-D Art making (3DS Sculpture, 3DS Ceramics, and Textiles)