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Maryam Palizgir

Graduate Teaching Assistant    

Maryam Palizgir is a Welch’s Fellow pursing her Masters in Fine Arts at Georgia State University in the Textile Department. She received her B.A in graphic design at Alzahra Art University of Tehran.

She is an interdisciplinary visual artist. Her work explores the notion of identity, humanitarian principles, environmental issues caused by human, time and culture clash. She works in a variety of different mediums and her process involves deconstructing and reconstructing an image, object or matter through mixed media and material manipulation.

She seeks to capture the tensions existing between traditions and contemporaneity, reality and aspirations, individuality and community, localism and universality, authority and freedom, conformism and self-expression.

The initial theory behind using thread was deliberate to transform 2D into 3dimentional forms. Using thread allows her to draw in space, offering the ability to create floating linear structures to blur the boundaries and make more connections. Palizgir has exhibited and presented her work in many exhibitions in the United States, Iran, UK, France, Russia and Germany. She is member of the institute for Promotion of Contemporary Visual Art since 2012 in Iran and college art association(CAA) since 2016. She was an artist in residence with the Cornelius Art Foundation in Lagamas, France in 2014.