Advisory for Undergraduates

  1. Read the current undergraduate catalog first. You can access the catalog online. This contains vital, specific information for all students. The College of The Arts section contains the curriculum for all of Welch School of Art and Design majors, and can be accessed from the menu in Bachelor of Arts in Art History, Studio, Art Education and B.F.A. Studio concentrations pages.
  2. Students interested in pursuing a B.F.A. Concentration declare their major as B.A. Studio Art. Art Historians are to declare their intentions as B.A. Art History upon acceptance to Georgia State University. B.F.A. Concentrations have a separate application process outlined here:
  3. All students, including those who declare their interest in art, should begin taking Area F requirements (art foundation core classes), during the first semester or as soon as possible. These classes are prerequisites for all Art and Design upper level courses and must be completed prior to progressing within your art discipline. Doing so will ensure you are on track to graduate. Additionally, you will receive Welch School of Art & Design email notifications of activities and information.
  4. Transfer credit is reviewed by our Faculty by appointment. Upon acceptance to GSU a transfer student must complete portfolio reviews by mid-term of your first semester. This requires examples of work from each Studio course accompanied by the catalog course description from your prior institution. New transfer Students can schedule an initial portfolio review with Prof. Timothy Flowers via Panther mail, include your panther id# with the subject NEW TRANSFER in your request. Transfer credit for Art History coursework must be sent via Panther mail, include your panther id# in your request along with the catalog course description, with the subject ART HISTORY TRANSFER CREDIT here:
  5. Your success within the program will be reflected by the amount of time you spend on your area of interest, your production and with your direct contact with your Faculty in your concentration. All students will be advised for course scheduling and degree completion through the University Advising Center
University Advisement Center
0-89 credit hours
University Advisement Center
25PP, 5th Floor:
0-89 credit hours
A-C                                (all ART, MUS, FMM majors)
Rhonneisha Sharpless
D-I                                 (all ART, MUS, FMM majors)
Kaitlyn Luppino
J-N                                 (all ART, MUS, FMM majors)
Jazzlyn Gatlin
O-S                                (all ART, MUS, FMM majors)
Corey McAllister
T-Z                                 (all ART, MUS, FMM majors)       
New AAII (anyone until this person is hired)
All COTA BIS/IDS concentrations
Amanda Blocker
COTA Office of Academic Assistance
55PP, 990
Sekeia Harris-Director 3-3354
90+ credit hours and Graduate Students
A-K                        (all undergraduate COTA majors)
Paige Breuers
L-Z                         (all undergraduate COTA majors)
Casey Smith
Tony Davis

What classes will I need to earn a degree?

Whether you choose Art history, Art education or a Studio degree, these charts may help students visualize their path through our programs.

B.F.A. Studio of Fine Art (pdf file)

B.F.A. Design Art Education (pdf file)

B.A. Studio Art (pdf file)

B.A. Art History (pdf file)