Graphic Design: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio

Student Profile

Graphic Design seeks students who are organized, goal-oriented, and interested in solving myriad design challenges. Before being accepted to the concentration, students must demonstrate outstanding conceptual & technical skills as well as the ability to package and present their work clearly and compellingly.

The undergraduate BFA graphic design program is enriched by ‘traditional students’ as well as those students who already work in full or part time capacity in graphic design related field.

BFA in Graphic Design Application & Portfolio Guidelines Spring 2018

Program Description

After a successful application to the BFA program, all Graphic Design students must complete a Senior Portfolio Review and must participate in a Senior Exit Exhibition. Students must also present an academic evaluation form, obtained from the College of the Arts Office of Academic Assistance, for review.

Students learn graphic design principles through problem solving. The program encourages students to meld the practical aspects of applied design creatively with more abstract issues of personal exploration, social consciousness, and individual life goals. The implementation of historical knowledge, contemporary cultural issues, conceptual and philosophical research, and media experimentation is fundamental to the graphic design experience at Georgia State University.

The business of graphic design and the practical aspects of the profession are also key elements of the program. Students participate in internships with local, regional, national, and international firms, which provide them with a firm footing for their careers once they leave GSU. In addition to the permanent faculty, the program uses a diverse and rotating staff of guest instructors, each a prominent member of the professional design community. The professional teaching staff provides an important bridge between the academic program and the professional community.

For internship opportunities/programs, please contact: Meta Gary,
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