Bachelor of Arts: Art History Concentration

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The undergraduate Art History program in the Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design at Georgia State University emphasizes the study of visual art in relation to the historical and cultural contexts in which it was created. Students learn interdisciplinary methods of analysis and develop research, writing, formal analysis, and critical thinking skills. Coursework takes the form of lower-level surveys of Western and Non-Western art, higher-level specialized lecture classes, and Introduction to Art Historical Methodology. The Art History program offers a variety of classes on a rotating basis, including courses in Ancient Roman Art, Medieval Art, Early Modern (Renaissance) Art, Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century European Art, Modern and Contemporary American and European Art, African Art and Contemporary African Art. Majors receive guidance and one-on-one mentoring from an Art History faculty member.

The program approaches visual culture from an international perspective and features the history of the art of Africa, Europe, and North and South America. To prime you for your career in the 21st century, the school offers a full historical spectrum, engaging you in cross-disciplinary methods of analysis and evaluation. Study-abroad programs, internships, and research assistantships offer additional opportunities for you to gain expertise in the field. Both BA and MA degrees in Art History prepare you for graduate work and for professions in museums and galleries, art consultancies, and publishing.

Art History students benefit from the initiatives of the Art History Student League (AHSL) and the Art History Graduate Forum (AHGF), student-run organizations of graduate and undergraduate art-history students. These groups organize student and faculty symposia and workshops, offer their members peer support, career help, and a sense of community. Both are supported by the Art Student Union (ASU), the umbrella organization for all chartered student groups in the School.

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