Upcoming Exhibitions

Please check in soon for an update on upcoming exhibitions. 


The safety of our community is our highest priority at Georgia State University. Out of caution regarding the current coronavirus situation, Some gallery exhibitions, have been moved online and some upcoming shows will be installed, but will have limited visiting times and capacities.

Our community of students, faculty, and alumni has always been marked by its outstanding perseverance and grit. Creativity and its expression does not stop when tragedy hits, but instead becomes all the more important to our shared experience. It is during this time that we want to celebrate the hard work that our artists and designers have put in this year, and to feature the work they will continue to pursue during this tough climate. All updates will be posted on our website and social media—we encourage you to tune in, share, and support.

Please contact cfarnell@gsu.edu for additional information on the gallery and/or jkuntz@gsu.edu for all other press.