Upcoming Exhibitions

The safety of our community is our highest priority at Georgia State University. Out of caution regarding the current coronavirus situation, Some gallery exhibitions, have been moved online and some upcoming shows will be installed, but will have limited visiting times and capacities.

MaDora Frey: Stargaze

A Facsimile of Events, curated by Jesse Penridge

Our next August-September Welch School Gallery exhibition will be determined and announced soon, but we are excited to host MaDora Frey: Stargaze in the large gallery and A Facsimile of Events, curated by Jesse Penridge in the smaller gallery, September 24 – November 13. 

The Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design Gallery is pleased to present Madora Frey: Stargaze, curated by Welch School Gallery Director Cynthia Farnell  and  A Facsimile of Events, conceived by New York-based curator Jesse Penridge. The pair of exhibitions are in dialogue about the human relationship with nature from historical and contemporary artistic perspectives. The exhibitions will be on view September 24 – November 13.. The exhibitions and associated programs are all free and open to the public.

Stargaze MoundNeon, folded canvas, dichroic glass35”w x 24”h x 6”d 2019


MaDora Frey: Stargaze features a series of neon, wood and glass sculptures in which the artist contemplates how the physical environment can psychologically impact emotional experience. The hectic city where she currently lives and the rugged, rural terrain of her childhood home are influences on the work. At the nexus of these sites lies an in-between third space. This space is defined by her sense of inhabiting two places at once, without feeling fully present in either.
Curator Jesse Penridge writes that “A Facsimile of Events” draws upon the deep history of human intervention in the landscape to give context to and compliment the history of 20th century Land Art.” With works by Nancy Holt, Robert Smithson, Ana Mendieta, Dennis Oppenheim, Superstudio and others, the exhibition “will explore the work of key 20th century Land artists, their predecessors, their progeny and the various ways that we employ the environment to our own end.” The exhibit will feature reproductions of the original plans for The Olmsted Linear Park in Atlanta.




Our community of students, faculty, and alumni has always been marked by its outstanding perseverance and grit. Creativity and its expression does not stop when tragedy hits, but instead becomes all the more important to our shared experience. It is during this time that we want to celebrate the hard work that our artists and designers have put in this year, and to feature the work they will continue to pursue during this tough climate. All updates will be posted on our website and social media—we encourage you to tune in, share, and support.

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