Visiting Artist & Scholar Series Procedures and Information


Before submitting for a visiting artist grant, please note that it is the responsibility of the proposing faculty/area:

  1. To act as organizer, planner, and host for each visitor.
  2. To serve as a key contact person, and work with Krithian and Torie to make all travel and hotel reservations.
  3. To book the room, secure equipment and technology, help do local publicity, and host the visitor.  This includes confirming visitor’s interest, availability and activities on campus IN ADVANCE; and for visitor to agree on proposed all-inclusive fee payment  (to include honorarium, travel and expenses).
  4. In submitting the proposal, the key contact person will also have to do the legwork of providing cost estimates, securing a signed letter of invitation outlining expectations of the visitor, and payment requests with the department business administrator.
  5. The funds are not awarded per faculty or area, they are awarded based on the relevance and diversity that the visitor will bring to our School collectively, so the funding is not automatically available to the faculty proposer for a new visitor.  In the case that awards are granted and the artist has to cancel, the unspent funds go back into the department pool and must be reapplied for. Unspent funds will be announced to all areas  an equal opportunity for new proposals to be submitted from faculty; and then the VAS committee will reassign the unspent funds.

Part of the stipulation of this award is timely submission of requested materials for production of the Welch School and College Art calendar and the Welch VAS advertising.  Jac, Torie, and Krithian are key staff members that will be in contact with all faculty awardees about the materials needed for you to supply for your visitor.


You will upload as part of the online application:

– resumes and accomplishments of proposed visitor with a short paragraph that addresses this (or similar) questions: what does this visitor bring to the Welch School of Art & Design, why is this person important to invite this year, does this help with recruitment, will it draw a larger audience outside our school, etc?

– for visual artists, good image reproductions either printed or digital; articles or publication samples for scholars.


–$1,200 has been the average award amount for visiting artists/scholars with a national reputation, which includes a $1000 honorarium and about $500 for expenses (flight, transportation, and hotel). This can also be offered as a lump sum if the guest wishes to plan their own flight and travel. The highest award amounts have been around $3000-$3500 for a notable guest.


–Usually Welch Visiting Artists do a public lecture in addition to something else such as graduate critiques, class visits, or a workshop depending on their work. The visit is usually about two days. (ie: to conserve hotel costs, two days of activities and one night in a hotel)


–First determine if they can come in fall or spring and tentatively what month. The exact date can be determined later.  If they have something more involved, like a heavy-duty hands on workshop, and are here for 3 days, you can ask for more in the proposal.

–Determine the cost of the honorarium. A local or emerging artist might require a smaller honorarium, or may not need travel funds.  However, a well-known, international artist may have a set fee––make sure to ask the artist.


–The faculty sponsor needs to be very clear with the visiting artist about the cost of incidentals (meals, hotel, taxis) etc. We do not reimburse for those if they are not budgeted into the total request. At many schools, artists are used to being treated to incidentals. It is different at GSU and has led to confusion, it helps to explain in advance to the visitor : they will pay for all of their own incidentals and receive one check for honoraria and incidentals approximately two weeks after the completion of their visit.


–Realistic (thrifty) funding proposals are always looked on positively in committee, as they give us the opportunity to host a larger number of visitors.

–All proposals are reviewed and ranked by the committee which considers quality and quantity.  If a proposal has unrealistic travel costs, or could be supported with another funding option, it may be partially funded by the VAS committee. Most proposals have been at least partially funded.  In this case, faculty should consider looking for additional funding to supplement the VAS request. Studio and Art Ed faculty may ask their area coordinator if lab fee funds can be used to supplement VAS funds.

Please note it is the responsibility of the proposing faculty/area:
– To act as organizer, planner, and host for each visitor.
– To serve as a key contact person, and work with Adrienne and Torie to make all travel and hotel reservations.
– To book the room, secure equipment and technology, do local publicity, and host the visitor.



-Select a date for your artist to visit and confirm that the above honorarium is acceptable.

-Determine whether the artist/scholar will be arranging their own travel and lodging or needs those arrangements to be made for them.

-Fill out this form.

-Arrange the venue and make the reservation for the room

-Send Jac the dates, a high res image, an artist/research statement and bio, and the location so that she can make the event pages, press release, and flyers.

-To get paid, your artist will need to fill out a Vendor Profile Form (w-9) a month before arriving to campus.